Top Questions a Republican Politician Needs to Ask Himself Before Becoming a Democrat
Posted 1/15/2013 3:00:00 PM

A video of a guy setting his pet mouse free is getting a ton of hits on YouTube. Because about 20 seconds after he does it, a HAWK swoops in and flies off with it.

The video looks pretty legit. But just like the one from last month of an eagle picking up a baby (see that one on a DGS blog from the archives!), there's a solid chance it's fake.

Speaking of last month, former Republican Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, has announced that he's becoming a Democrat. It was not a rash decision.

Before making the switch, he first answered the Top Questions a Republican Politician Needs to Ask Himself Before Becoming a Democrat.

Does this mean I have to act like Joe Biden's interesting? If so, maybe I'm not ready to make this shift.

Did I fail basic economics? Now that I officially hate America, will I get a discount on concert tickets to Psy?

How will a PETA sticker look on the bumper of my F-150?

Will the nightmares about James Carville's face stop?

What obscure, nominally funny joke involving ancient Greek mythology will Dennis Miller make about me?

Does switching parties automatically make my wife fair game for Bill Clinton?

Can I keep my mouth shut when my new colleagues claim the key to getting out of debt is to continue to spend more money?

What's the best way to prevent the chafing that comes when you spend every free second hugging trees?

How much do I love spending other people's money?

Have I texted any inappropriate pictures to my now Republican enemies?

Have I grown tired of the smugness of Bill O'Reilly . . . and now prefer the smugness of Jon Stewart?

Do I want to get caught in a sex scandal with a man or with a woman?

Do I want to waste taxpayer dollars on defense spending, or do I want to waste it on healthcare?

Should I shred my NRA membership card, or hold onto it so I still get my 20% discount at Cracker Barrel?

How does one NOT cringe when posing for photos with Nancy Pelosi?

What color Prius do I want?


Erick Naumann recently became principal at a school and to introduce himself to his new school he made a goofy video based on The Terminator.

Some of the kids thought it was funny, some of the parents DID NOT.

What do YOU think? IS this video harmless or is it in bad taste?

Posted By: Max Foizey  

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  1. Tim St, John posted on 01/18/2013 04:20 AM
    You forgot one other thing about Crist becoming a he has to stop blaming EVERYTHING bad about America on Blacks and other MINORITIES !! :)
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