Justin Bieber's To Do List, The Best NES Games of All Time, and the Al Roker Remix
Posted 1/10/2013 3:00:00 PM

A few days ago on the DGS blog we shared a video with you of Al Roker standing FROZEN on air for 17 seconds. It’s awesome. Then Klose brought up the story on air about Mr. Roker revealing he pooped his pants while visiting the White House.

Well, your friend and mine – THE INTERNET – has provided us a remix of said events. And it’s epic.

This will break Mark Klose’s heart. "Us Weekly" says JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ have broken up . . . and it's for good this time. They had flown to Mexico for a New Year's vacation, but Selena bailed on December 30th, and they both ended up spending New Year's in the States . . . separately.

A source says, quote, "They had another huge fight, and Selena won't forgive him . . . She's done with him." Did it have anything to do with Justin's new "green" habit? He was photographed toking just a few days later.

While it appears that Justin Bieber is just sitting around smoking blunts and being chased by the paparazzi . . . he actually has a lot going on. Check out the Celebrity To Do List of Justin Bieber.

8:00 A.M.: Wake up from horrible nightmare that I'm no longer adorable.

8:30 A.M.: Step into shower. Reach around paparazzi to grab shampoo.

10:00 A.M.: Try to keep a straight face as I remind kids about the importance of staying in school, while endorsing a $50 million check.

11:15 A.M.: Call Kanye and Kim to congratulate them on their new baby, baby, baby, oh!

1:30 P.M.: Continue my lifelong quest to supplant Celine Dion and Howie Mandel as the most insufferable Canadian on earth.

4:20 P.M.: Aww. You know what's up, brah.

5:30 P.M.: Prepare for "SNL" gig by practicing a fake laugh when Lorne Michaels shoehorns himself into an already horrifically unfunny sketch.

6:00 P.M.: Accept a songwriting award for brilliantly rhyming "I would have done whatever" and "we ain't together."

7:00 P.M.: Get into a violent argument with the lead singer of One Direction over who's prettier.

8:30 P.M.: Try to look tough by getting another tattoo. Fail.

9:30 P.M.: Perform to thousands of little girls, yet still try to remain thuggish.

10:30 P.M.: Go to bed . . . WITHOUT my retainer. 'Cuz I'm a bad ass, yo.

The site ArcadeSushi.com has put together a list of The 25 Best NES Games. Those are the original Nintendo games . . . the ones with the gray cartridges that you blew into whenever they weren't working.

Here's the list:

1.) "Super Mario Bros. 3"

2.) "The Legend of Zelda"

3.) "Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse"

4.) "Metroid"

5.) "Contra"

6.) "Super Mario Bros."

7.) "Mega Man 2"

8.) "Bionic Commando"

9.) "Punch-Out!!"

10.) "Kid Icarus"

11.) "Tetris"

12.) "Final Fantasy"

13.) "Castlevania"

14.) "Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link"

15.) "Super Mario Bros. 2"

16.) "Blaster Master"

17.) "R.C. Pro-Am"

18.) "Tecmo Bowl"

19.) "Ninja Gaiden"

20.) "Battletoads"

21.) "Baseball Stars"

22.) "Metal Gear"

23.) "River City Ransom"

24.) "Dragon Warrior"

25.) "Ducktales"

For brief write-ups on each game, click HERE. 

Are there any original Nintendo games that you think belong on this list?

Are there any games you think would still hold up today? Or, do you actually have a working Nintendo system that you still play?

Conversely, what was your LEAST favorite Nintendo game . . . the one that ANGERED you the most?

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