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Posted 4/30/2013 7:08:00 AM

Good morning all! Between Celtics star Jason Collins coming out and Jamie referencing Muslim headdresses we had a bit of controversy on the show today.  It was all in the name of enlightenment and common sense so no worries.  We had a number of callers today mention that Collins coming out was likely an insurance plan for his basketball career.  I suppose we can’t be certain but it’s a great game plan if that was his intention.   Can’t discriminate, can’t force to retire.  In other news… this ridiculously cute dog mourns the death of his best friend Beavis the Beaver.  Beavers are typically dangerous and can be aggressive so don’t go looking for a friend for your pets…just awwwwww at this heart-wrenching sight.

(Bella) A video of a dog mouring death of a playmate Beaver named Beavis... dogs name is Bella... played together almost since birth... and we need to worry about cell whats his name is in?

Anthem – Charles Glenn
522 A Matter Of Trust – Billy Joel
537 Houdini – Foster The People
550 Next In Line – Walk The Moon
637 Can You Tell – Ra Ra Riot
650 Breath In – Frou Frou
737 Diane Young – Vampire Weekend
748 High School Lover – Caycucas
837 Houdini - Foster The People
848 Man’s Job – Bruce Springsteen

Jamie and Denys hung with fans at the Cards game last night!


1) Yawn Chris Christie... praises Obama... creating fake victim... have I ever called Christie a rhino or traitor... I had more respect for Christie before he started running against his past... and allowing himself to be used against straw men... CLICK HERE

2) Starting the conversation... Celtics star Jason Collins uses Boston bombing... neverminding he sucks as a basketball player and the Celtics suck... but maybe some good can come out of this.. like a lecture circuit and money... thanks to some star studded support: CLICK HERE

3) Friends predict FB? CLICK HERE

4) I don't agree with Chris Broussard... on any level here... but I wonder why he is not a hero too? CLICK HERE

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