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Posted 4/29/2013 8:22:00 AM

Oh Monday.  Jamie still maintains his innocence in the involvement of the passing of country legend George Jones.  See… he even wore the (slightly off-putting) George Jones t-shirt from the concert he and the gang attended a few years back. 

Opinion from today’s content.  You must check out Judge Pirro’s opinion on the family of the alleged Boston bombers.  She really nails this one.  As a result of the coverage of this media spectacle we have a disgusting amount of the population almost worshiping these murders.  They aren’t presented as sociopathic-children/cop killers but as two young men who happened to take the wrong path in life.  It’s disgusting.  Would the ignorant still idolize if these guys were unattractive?  Just a thought…

Anthem – The Band Perry
522 Brakeman’s Blue – Johnny Cash
537 Golden Ring – Tammy Wynette/George Jones
550 Underneath The Sycamore – Death Cab For Cutie
637 He Stopped Loving Her Today – George Jones
650 It’s Alright – Matt & Kim
737 Say It’s Not You – Keith Richards/George Jones
748 The Grand Tour – George Jones
822 Merry Go Round – Kacey Musgraves
837 Love With Out An Amen – George Straight
848 The One I Loved Back Then – George Jones 

1) Baltimore gang attack and robbery...race of attackers and victims left out... 

2) This under the headline of Chelsea Clinton's TV career coming along nicely. 

3) Wow...lib Elizabeth Warren is sure some hero thanks to Rachel Maddow…who based on my archives…has said NOTHING similar about any American soldier....so bottom line to get kudos from Rachel...be a woman and suck a microphone.

4) Obama hates all those other voices aside from main networks that kiss his rear....Chuck Todd hates it too...

5) Obama reveals what we already know....to be true...MSNBC must feel good about being outed as the whores they are...

6) Hey Senator Manchin…begin kissing our ass now...Wallace does a good job of pressing senator who screwed up the whole pursuit…as did other libs...

7) Terror Addams family may have been intercepted...seems they talked a lot amongst themselves...

8) Claire McCaskill more than ok with aiding the Mooj...

9) Most overrated and unfunny Conan Obrien...making gay jokes which is even more vile...and worse that he’s glued to a script...what is Chris Christie doing at the white house correspondents dinner…and who is the woman whooping? 

10) Judge Jeanine Pirro slams bomber family & the mom...

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