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Posted 4/25/2013 5:17:00 AM

The hypocrisy continues.  If you haven't heard "Uncle Joe's" comments on the Boston bombing suspects CLICK HERE.  Jamie made the point in the aftermath of the tragedy that had the suspects been Caucasian-(preferable)Christian Americans the media would have had a field day.  Violence from the man.  However, those in question were not.  Bring in Mr. Biden.  Since this did not turn into a grand opportunity for hate, racism and leftist agenda… it's essential to downplay the religious ties and ethnic background of the alleged perpetrators. "Knock-off Jihads".  What?  Personally, I think Biden is coming off as a Knock-off Looney…minus the "knock-off" part.    

While we're on this…  Since the tragedy the following image keeps appearing on my personal Facebook feed, shared from a page called "We love to irritate hateful Republican's".  Here's the deal… crazy people are crazy.  Let's leave race and religion out of it.  Unless of course religion is the driving factor behind the violence.  Then we have to talk about it.  None of the psychopaths portrayed in the following image who are/were "Caucasian" (to the best of my knowledge) committed these acts in the name of Christianity.   Maybe the Tsarnaev's were acting on religious accord and maybe they weren't but if looking into their motives helps prevent future incidents then I say look away.  And while we're at it let's check on the mental health and immigration issues.  BTW: whoever created the following image purposely excluded the race, ethnicity, victim count and location for the first crazy shown...imagine that.

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1) Scarborough a big fan of the 2nd amdment (s) make you know mistake! He also uses a poll showing people support backround checks... who doesn't... because we already have them... liar by math... in fact its the dems fault... NRA supported backround checks... but tying them to Newtown was dishonest. : CLICK HERE

2) You won't see this in mainsream media... a terrorist who shot up family research council and wanted to smear chick filet sandwiches in faces says southern poverty law center led him to it... CLICK HERE

3) What's a knock off Jihadi Joe? : CLICK HERE

4) Congressman Bill Shuster on Obama's passive aggressive action regarding air traffic... CLICK HERE

5) State lawmaker comes out on floor of the Nevada House ...Kelvin Atkinson : CLICK HERE

6) McDonald's hamburger doesn't change after 14 years... CLICK HERE

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