Electric Stove 4/24/13
Posted 4/24/2013 8:55:00 AM

Congratulations Jamie... AitM #1!

It’s a good thing Jamie finally brought in our gifts from the trip! HA! Just kidding… it was very kind of him to think of us while he was away.  I think my favorite was Carl’s magnetic Michelle Obama doll…

Moving on to other hilarious things… Jimmy Kimmel delivered another great bit. Apparently, he does a segment called “Lie Witness News”.    The following is an installment of said segment from a music festival called Coachella.  The interviewer in this video asks questions about completely fabricated bands.  The “Obama voters” as Jamie calls them, answer these questions completely unaware the bands they are talking about don’t exist.  How far off the deep end has society gone that this many people are willing to flat out lie and embellish?  Anything to be on TV I suppose…then again… you’re setting yourself up for this…

(Jamie) Jimmy Kimmel classic again...at a music festival...punking Obama voters....I'm sorry…did he say that?  

Anthem – Band Perry
522 Cut It Out - Kitten
537 Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap
550 Psychedelic Furs – Love My Way
637 Ithcin’ On A Photograph – Grouplove
650 Sale and Sound – Capitol Cities
737 Springsteen – Eric Church
748 Lost In Time - Whitly
822 What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club
837 The Hand That Feeds – Nine Inch Nails
848 I Love That Girl – John Hiatt

1) Love Neil Cavuto...but sometimes trying to be an everyman just makes you look like a moron...Neil gets a hold of our buddy Rand Paul and thinks hes confronting him...Paul...as usual…has an answer…and a good one.  

2) Fox war and mayhem correspondent Mike Tobin takes no crap from even women wanting to kiss him.

3) Boston Mayor Menino is now for the death penalty after being against it...

4) Jeez…Feds are turning out to be real winners here...Elvis Impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis in Mississippi sent Ricin letters to lawmakers...aww nawww he didn’t. Also turns out he’s bipolar. Hmm. Is he the kind of guy who shouldn’t have a gun?

5) Liberal Bob Beckel with an idea...bar Muslim students from coming here...btw Huffpost once again having to hide a guests shirt…last one was Minnie Mouse...now the dude wears a Washington Capitals jersey.

6) David Brooks...alleged mainstream media conservative…Outlines in his editorial on new senator ted cruz everything thats wrong with journalists and politicians caight up in the "preper" way to comport ones self....doesnt help thast brooks decides an ad hominem attack.

7) Bomber mom speaks.

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