Electric Stove 4/17/13
Posted 4/17/2013 4:58:00 AM

Jim Talent in DC:

Jim Carafano in all yellow...

With Jim Talent!

An evening with Congresswoman Ann Wagner


Gotta love DC and K Street. The boys from the West having some Jack pre-gun control vote. Lobby on, men!

Tuesday night White House flag lowered for Boston.

1) Axelrod proves that of course liberals think people who oppose high taxes are violent....so did maybe the President: CLICK HERE 

2) Matthews a clown... as he talks about pressure cookers... I love how he insinuates maybe the terrorists went to Williams Sonoma... jeez... with a former CIA guy : CLICK HERE

3) Chink Ugyar talking out of his rear... let us dissect the mind of an imbecile...current tv : CLICK HERE

4) Obama allowed to BS on guns on NBC... even as pressure cookers take the attention off the scourge of guns... : CLICK HERE

5) Harrison Ford... in his defense... gets pulled into Obama talk by David Gregory... the story that went by the way side... how excruciating is this as these two guys whisper at each other.... CLICK HERE

6) Terrible government ghoul barney frank uses tragedy to promote more government...guy in cowboy hat wasnt in govenrment...oddly..the way te oinertview is recorded..it sounds like hes on some kind of speaker..like an announcer at a death camp....

7) Amazing....one man who helped the double amputee... the pain... he's the cowboy hat guy... not a govenrment guy : CLICK HERE

Music From Today's Show

Anthem – US Navy
522 – Silence – Takka Takka
537 – I Gotta Woman - Toots and the Maytals
550 – Anti-Christ Television Blues – Arcade Fire
637 – Amazonas – Fat Boy Slim
650 – Roots Rock and Reggae – Bob Marley
737 – Tight Rope – Steve Ray Vaughan
748 – All Night Diner – Modest Mouse
822 – Murders – John Fruscianti
837 – Time to Pretend - MGMT
848 – Got to Be Real – Cheryl Lynn

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