Electric Stove 4/15/13
Posted 4/15/2013 5:16:00 AM

"Mr. Allman Goes to Washington" is in full swing!   As you can see Jamie made it safe and sound!  Check back all week for pictures, video and of course common sense!  For the full photo album click on the thumb nails in the right hand column of of the Mr. Allman Goes to Washington page!


Let the Broadcast Begin!


Jamie speaks with Rev C.L. Bryant at the Taxpayer Rally in D.C.!

Taking back the word "fair"...


The Samualsons! 

The White House... (as close as we can get with no public access and all...)

With Senator Roy Blunt





Music From Today's Show:

Anthem – Ricochet
522 - Jump in the Line – Harry Belafonte
537 – Aganju – Bebel Gilberto
550 – Big Wheel – Fats Domino
637 - There Stands the Glass – Van Morrison
650 - Close to Me – The Cure
737 – He Ain’t Got Rhythm - Billy Holliday
748 – Mambo Craze – De Phaz
822 – Summer in Paris – DJ Cam
837 – Ocean Games – Funk For Sale
848 – Tenderness – General Public

1) Even whe there's harmony... even among white house visitors like Paisly... the left doesn't want any of it... re: acciental racist: last thing Toure wants to do is forget... otherewise he won't have a gig... neither will Shaprton: CLICK HERE

2) SNL has same reaction. CLICK HERE

3) The left won't be happy with Rubio either... even as he does what some may say is a more liberal approach to illegal immigration... I heard an NPR chick say he was just doing it because right wing radio finally surrendered... and another say of course... he's hispanic... why wouldn't he... again... no quarter at all...

meanwhile Rubio on with Chris Wallace ...

4) CNN reports on North korea today... it's birthday time!! CLICK HERE

5) Non-NASCAR fans suddenly care about it... as the NRA sponsors the Texas race... now care even more as some nut commits suicide....

A Texas man used a gun to commit suicide in the infield of a National Rifle Association-sponsored NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth late on Saturday, local authorities said. CLICK HERE

6) Ohio police chief is a greedy pig and ate his daughters  cake and then got high... whose fault is that? : CLICK HERE



10) Jack ass thinks he has Tucker carlson caught fishing in central park...the guy named joey boots...didnt even know he was tucker carlson..




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