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Posted 4/12/2013 8:30:00 AM

A day of goodbyes.  We said farewell to our beloved Jeff Bellinger.  No worries he’s not leaving the WSJ so he’ll still be available for a hit from time to time but he will be missed.  We’ll be welcoming Jennifer Kushinka to the time slot on Monday.  Fortunately, Jeff has informed us, she has TWO cats; a double dose of cat stories. Whoot.   Today we also send Jamie off to Washington.  He will be broadcasting from Heritage Foundation in DC, Monday-Wednesday.  CLICK HERE for the Mr. Allman Goes To Washington portion of our website! We all know DC could use a little common sense!  Happy Friday!

Anthem – US Navy Band
5:22- Red Headed Woman – Bruce Springsteen
5:37- Timebomb - Beck
5:48- Seven Days - Sting
6:37- Need Your Love – The Temper Trap
6:48- The “xx” Album Intro – The xx
7:37- Sometime Around Midnight – The Airborne Toxic Event
7:48- Take It So Hard – Keith Richards
8:22- There, There – Radiohead
8:37- Symphonies – Dan Black
8:48- You Are A Tourist – Death Cab For Cutie

1) Congress in action...waste of space…waste of time...waste of breath...Steve Cohen shout out...Cyndi Lauper...  


2) Leading gun control proponent just another drunk at the corner of the bar...and it doesn’t matter whether they are like Ferraris…it’s not Biden to judge the reason.....like if I said...there are a number of old stupid drunks out there who just talk and talk and talk...their words aren’t important...or helpful...but they like to hear themselves talk…like driving a Ferrari...so we should limit that because they don’t really need to talk anyway.

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3) MSNBC's own Moses with yet another Government Commandment...except Moses only needed one name Melissa Harris Perry needs three. Hey if you're a fan of growing government is it a surprise you're growing names? 

4) Propaganda at its most vile: MSNBC adopting al queada talking points in its fight for gun control....knowing of course…that they could have used a tape trumpeting our ability to get an airline ticket...migrate freely to the US…or even preach anti us hatred on us soil...as other examples ..not realizing al quada has always mocked our liberties and even used them against us...but still no reason to surrender our liberties...they have always advocated using our liberties against us...as MSNBC is indirectly advocating there…as if we don’t pass gun control legislation…we deserve the worst....at this point it has gotten personal…now the media…like the democrats....are fearful of losing...if this bill loses...their lack of credibility will be confirmed...its why CNN and Piers Morgan waged a last minute presidential like campaign this week....they don’t want to lose... 

5) Hispanics carry signs at rally for citizenship calling out Marco Rubio....but they don’t know who he is or that he is actually on their side more than he’s not…proving no good deed goes unpunished as a republican...optics via TV camera say they are protesting Rubio…proving democrat goal is to not let him get ahead… 

6) Donovan Slack from politico asks jay carney about Jay-Z brag rap on havana trip.

7) Dr. Feinstein says goals is really not to ban or even really improve lives..it’s just to dry up supply and desire....same mentality…make it harder to drink soda...people won’t drink it…harder to afford gas…people won’t buy it…harder to be rich…others will get rich...liberals don’t want to improve...they just wanna make things harder...


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