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Posted 4/10/2013 8:55:00 AM

Happy Wednesday, all!  Along with our weekly hits we checked in with Jim Carafano as the North Korean issue unfolds.  CLICK HERE and check out hour 3 if you missed him explain why we may want to be cautious of dismissing the threat too quickly.  Back to the party… wait we weren’t invited.  Go figure.  It’s not like we paid for it… wait we did.  Jamie made a great point today (don’t tell him… kidding…) when he used the old adage, “Let them eat cake.”  Unbelievable.  Here’s the promo… looks like a damn good show... I guess we can catch it on public programming.

(Jamie) Memphis Soul teaser commercial for the PBS special airing Tuesday April 16th, 2013.

Watch In Performance at the White House: Memphis Soul on PBS. See more from In Performance at The White House.

Anthem – Carrie Underwood
5:22- You Ought To Be With Me – Al Green
5:37- Love Her Madly – The Doors
5:48- I Go To Extremes – Billy Joel
6:37- These Arms Of Mine – Otis Redding
6:48- Little Bribes – Death Cab For Cutie
7:37- Quiet Little Voices – We Were Promised Jet Packs
7:48- Oh, Atlanta – Little Feat
8:22- Lucky – Robert Palmer
8:37- Havana – Jesse Cook
8:48- To Tell – Smoke & Jackal


1) Kevin Jackson on Hannity special.  

2) Sandy Hook residents sent home and sequester cuts all but a memory...The Obama white house has a Tuesday night party celebrating memphis soul ..justin timberlake doing otis reddings sittin on the dock of the bay.

3) If you are a Republican taking an independent position that some loiberals my agree with make sure you are doing it for the right reasons bercause as I have always said...it doesn't pay to suck up to libs...no matter what you do, they will hate you...even when you take a position with which they agree. They will hate you and disdain you and have no respect for you. Case in point, Illinois senator Mark Kirk and the reaction of Jon Stewart to his position switch on gay marriage.

4) Great bit from Margaret Thatcher glory days as she refuses to jump for a dumb Swedish reporter who tries to make it a bit for her interview...classic. 

5) Whatever people may say about Michael Steele…he kicks Chris Matthews butt in this exchange where matthews continues to blame the Texas shootings on Republicans. 

6)Al Roker....stick to weather!! says Reagan would be considered liberal today... 

7) Dumpster diver finds 20 grand in Mass in a book..bends over backwards to find the owner...

8) Brad Paisley on Ellen...explaining "Accidental Racist." 

9) Memphis Soul medley of clips: “Knock on Wood,” “I’ll Take You There,” “In the Midnight Hour.”

10) Newtown parent Mark Mattioli says gun control not the answer.

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