Electric Stove 4/3/13
Posted 4/3/2013 8:55:00 AM

Bummer for Yu.  Heck of a way to start the season though.  Yu Darvish pitching an ALMOST perfect game for the Texas Rangers.  I don’t know about you (not to be confused with Yu) but I’m sure glad baseball season has begun.  Summer sporting events are great in general.  Speaking of CLICK HERE for information on how you can do your part helping kid’s with cancer AND play golf with Jamie at the beautiful Whitmoor Country Club!  Happy half-week!

Yu Darvish..one out away from becoming 24th pitcher in baseball history to throw a perfect game...

Anthem – Carrie Underwood
5:22- I Miss You – Blink - 182
5:37- Thank You – Led Zeppelin
5:48- I Shiver – Robert Clay
6:37- My Body – Young The Giant
6:48- Change - Churchill
7:37- I Will Follow – U2
7:48- Talk Shows On Mute - Incubus
8:22- Airplanes – Local Natives
8:37- Jump Into The Fog – The Wombats
8:48- Love Always Remains - MGMT

1) I wish a) conservatives were funnier and b) they made better movies..."A Movement On Fire " looks like a pile of crap.

2) Ben Carson nails it on the white liberal racism...

3) Rutgers basketball coach in trouble for being mean..

4) Michelle: Prez Obama a sex symbol.

5) Hume: for Obama settling in...

6) Hey, you bored moonbat sports fans! Here’s an idea from Chris Hayes...obsess over workers comp for basketball…regarding Kevin Ware injuries... He uses "ergo" that’s your first hint....then calls NCAA a cartel...as he can’t read the teleprompter fast enough.

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7) Back to School – Sam Kinison & Rodney Dangerfield – Contemporary American History (NSFW)

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