Electric Stove 4/2/13
Posted 4/2/2013 8:49:00 AM

We had a seriously full show today! If you missed even part of it CLICK HERE and get caught up!  As you may already know we will be auctioning off a round of golf with Jamie Allman himself to benefit the Kids with Cancer charity!  CLICK HERE for details.  I just love this Battle of the Saxes on the NYC subway! A little healthy competition paired with quality entertainment… GREAT! Unless of course it went on for hours then it may have been kind of irritating…

 (Jamie) A subway confrontation we can all get behind!

Anthem - US Heritage Band
5:22- Rumor Has It - Adel
5:37- Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend
5:48- “xx” Album Intro – The xx
6:37- Reunion – M83
6:48- I Summon You - Spoon
7:37- Safe and Sound – Capital Cities
7:48- The Mambi Craze – De-Phazz
8:22- Strange Attractions – The Cure
8:37- Gravity Rides Everything – Modest Mouse
8:48- AKA…What A Life! – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

1) Gun Control gonna solve this problem.... or at least the gun control moonbats are talking about? CLICK HERE

2) What a waste of an awesome 70's olds cutlass... perhaps one of the  most perfect machines ever made... love the whole good morning and good afternoon thing... CLICK HERE 

3) Classic press pulling underwear right up the pants of Jay Carney first with the question about the jackass minister Luis Leon from St. Johns and by now you've heard his drivel politcal sermon... Jay Carney is asked about it from Ed Henry of Fox News because...after all... who the hell else will right?  But the classic comes later...as jay carney says that the minister is just that... a minister... and yet what the alleged "episcopal" minister was saying was about the religous right... like folks who are in churches who Carney says should be left alone... get it...? and I love how that because the church has been visited by presidents of both parties for years... he makes it out like the minister a-hole's message is somehow bi-partisan... these people are insane... and BEWARE their reality... CLICK HERE 

4) Janet Schandlian... our own May West... on Jessica Lynch anniversay... and hot mess... CLICK HERE

5) Hey gays? and gay marriage people? How is it that anti gay marriage democrats who ran on being anti gay marriage and who are now ok with gay marriage... how are they heroes? Hey ya'll im a little bit foe it now ya'll... I used to be against it but now I'm just a tad for it... yow....only democrats could make heroes out of their hypcrites... nothing is ever about principle... I don't care whether gays get married... but I have more guts than the pansy democrats... CLICK HERE

6) I'm just so glad Monty Hall is alive... isn't that true? You see some folks and you say... oh I'm so glad he or she is alive!!

7) and just classic lets make a deal... unreal about the cars... just classic


9) Chris Brown falls victim to Matt Lauer im still cool with chicks tour... are we tired of the Chris Brown attacks yet? Is he a model for my son? no. So what. I'm my son's father. Get it? There is no other role model and if there is you minda suck. CLICK HERE

10) Even brilliant and great guys like Cardinal Timothy Dolan... still can't navigate the gay marriage or couple thing... goes back to the intended to procreate thing... is a couple that can't have babies... or an older married couple... less of a mrriage? Just asking?  CLICK HERE

11) Grandma finds out she's a grandma through grandpa... omg... proving internet will ruin everything and anything... CLICK HERE

12) Flatheads have fun at the firing range... NK vs USA targets... CLICK HERE

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