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Posted 4/1/2013 8:55:00 AM

Another Monday after a weekend of gun rallies, gay rights and Carl’s family dying Easter eggs in a very strange fashion.  Make sure to CLICK HERE and check out the podcasts if you happened to miss anything! We’ll stick with the gun rallies for now, although I’m not sure it’s safe for Carl to dye the eggs raw and then put them back in the refrigerator for later use. Anyway… this rally in Indiana was fun.  We had moms vs. moms vs. this guy.  Actually it wasn’t fun and I really don’t think it was news.  The title of “mom” doesn’t actually give you any credibility to anyone other than your children and if you’re a competent parent maybe their schools and well that’s pretty much it.  It most definitely does not give you a leg up on the gun debate.  But no worries the man in the hat came to the rescue… I’m about tired of this argument…

(Jamie)Indiana TV covers another idiot who decides his best offense against gun owners is saying they don’t no need gun for huntin'… he's immediately schooled but no telling whether his IQ absorbed it. 

Anthem – Mormons
5:22- Kill Your Heroes – Awolnation
5:37- Feel So – Box Car Racers
5:48- Nighttiming – Coconut Records
6:37- Hallelujah – We Were Promised Jet Packs
6:48- Selling The Drama - Live
7:37- She’s So Cold – Rolling Stones
7:48- Stay and Defend – Wolf Gang
8:22- Life’s Been Good – Joe Walsh
8:37- Read My Mind – The Killers
8:48- Good Days Bad Days – Keiser Chiefs

1) Former Reagan guy David Stockman will be a hero of the left...attacking Bush and the wars…but will be ignored when he calls for means testing plus getting rid of tax cuts. Left will open their legs for anyone....like Stockman...who doesn’t even believe in federal deposit insurance...remember…there are people like him...why even support the banks...stockman on the bank bailouts...and I agree they should have been allowed to fail…but why don’t truth-tellers like stockman gets their views known? Stockman says Henry Paulson as Bush guys were reckless....on the bailouts. 

2) Why Rand Paul is right...few people realize the many questions before the supreme court involved the real case of Edie Windsor...who married Thea Spyer 40 years ago and now is NOT entitled to her estate because of probate and tax laws etc...take this all out of tax law...Edie Windsor is entitled...whether we like it or not…because their civil union would have allowed it...instead..it’s in court...and those of you might say well it wasn’t a real marriage…well too bad for you because it would have been none of your business...probate court is a scam...so is state involvement...problem is gays want government to bless their marriages...I say to gays…and heteros..why have government blessing any marriages at all?

3) Increasingly annoying Mark Kelly talks gun control with Chris Wallace… 

4) Actually American people are demanding your annoying vile dog stop killing baby seals... 

5) Hey we are talking about gays and abortion...we're rich...prosperity rules!!!! According to mental midget Chuck Todd of NBC!

6) Obama booed at Syracuse / Marquette game? Really? 

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