Electric Stove 3/28/13
Posted 3/28/2013 6:18:00 AM

Oh the confusion.  Jamie hit on a ton of hot topics this morning.  Will the Supreme Court overturn Proposition 8?  I believe in equal rights.  I think that people should be able to choose who they spend the rest of their lives with. However, Jamie raises a good point; if the Supreme Court overturns Proposition 8 we’re allowing federal government to overturn decisions set in place by state voters.  That’s kind of scary.   It’s nice to have somebody who understands words cut through the noise. Unlike Nancy Pelosi who doesn’t seem to get it... 

(Jamie) Need Al Sharpton to interpret Pelosi gibberish... on Supreme Court audio

Anthem – Charles Glenn
5:22- Weed Party – Band of Horse
5:37- Ida  Vueta – Gino D’ Auri
5:48- Orange Crush – R.E.M.
6:37- Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand – Primative Radio Gods
6:48- Worth Wondering - Bronze Radio Return
7:37- On The Road Again – Canned Heat
7:48- En Cumpari – Louis Prima
8:22- Intchin On A Photograph - Grouplove
8:37- Brand New Colony – The Postal Service
8:48- Wish You Were Here - Incubus

1) Backlash on Tiger Woods "winning takes care of everything" are the critics the same ones who said he was failing and losing becasue of his personal problems? CLICK HERE

2) Blind squirrels find nuts: CNN Situation Room: CLICK HERE

3) Republican and DOMA supporter Larry Pressler says the time is now to change view of fed involvement in gay marriage and gay adoption. CLICK HERE

4) Lawrence O'Donnell on the physical resemblence of Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy... so now if you just look like someone you become that person... I dunno... Bloomberg looks like Hitler... Laurence O'donnell looks like Gwyneth Paltrow... ok? CLICK HERE

5) Fox covers hyprcrisy of the news media... and only Megyn Kelly can... CLICK HERE

6) The Lord punishes CNN for whatever it is CNN does 

7) Im a lesbian and I'm pregnant... all on NBC news... Jenna Wolfe: CLICK HERE

8) Daddy Ben Carson tells boy Toure he's not quite ready for prime time... CLICK HERE

9) Dale Peterson gets charged with shopliftting again!... huff po calls him "gun waving"...

10) Sarah Palin is not going anywhere... Club for Growth says she's in play... 2014 and beyond: CLICK HERE

11) He put his Adderall in an egg and oh look what happened... long long story... anchor... reporter... CLICK HERE

12) Florida Governor Rick Scott says Soledad O'Brien is welcome to enjoy her firing in Florida... CLICK HERE

13) 1982 toy gun commercial we will never ever see again... CLICK HERE

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