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Posted 3/27/2013 7:09:00 AM

Another Wednesday has come and gone – at least for the AitM Show.  If you’re just starting your day make sure to check out what you missed this morning. (CLICK HERE)  In an attempt to add valuable content to the show I unintentionally ruined Jamie’s morning with the news of Dionne Warwick filing bankruptcy in the state of New Jersey. Whoops.  We then dedicated an entire On Demand to this bit of information.  It did bring Jamie full circle to the following video used by the IRS during employee training.  With the big bad sequester in full swing, the cancellation of White House tours and the very real threat of no presidential Easter egg hunt; it’s crazy to think that this video cost $60k.  Priorities, huh? Silver lining here… I happen to be a huge Star Trek fan.  New movie May 17th

(Jamie) IRS video: a waste. [(Tricia) except for the Star Trek part...]

Anthem – LeeAnn Rhimes
5:22- Dionne Warwick – Are You There
5:37- Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads
5:48- Keep On Truckin – Eddie Kendricks
6:37- Future Primitive - Papercuts
6:48- Symphonies – Dan Black
7:37- Dionne Warwick – Walk On By
7:48- Red Shoes – Elvis Costello
8:22- A Little Respect - Erasure
8:37- N/A
8:48- Change - Churchill

1) Apparent disputes among seal team six about bin laden killing..and so what?  

2) Click, Print, Gun...defense Distributed...biz to make a fully printable firearm. 

3) Todd Starnes makes the case that anti gay marriage advocates are being denied rights. 

4) Ann Coulter...is on a rare occasion here...full of crap.

5) Justice Sam Alito....on same sex marriage…defers to states.

6) Judge Napolitano on the big picture of government meddling…love it how they say well we are paying for it anyway, so we need to control health but the reason why we are paying for it anyway is that government is involved..

7) Carville…Hillary running. 

8) Huckabee- Thermostats vs. Thermometers.





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