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Posted 3/26/2013 7:21:00 AM

Good Tuesday morning all!  Obviously there is controversy surrounding the “Gay Marriage” decision facing the Supreme Court.  We checked in with Judge Andrew Napolitano to hear his thoughts on the issue.  If you missed it CLICK HERE for the podcasts. 

A story also harboring controversy… the Pacer’s fan caught on the Megatron at the game not sharing ice cream with his girlfriend.  It’s actually just kind of funny.  I normally won’t tell my own stories on here but today is your lucky day… During an ice cleaning break at a Blue’s game a couple of years back, the cameras were jumping around collecting crowd shots.  They landed on a girl who dropped her gum out of her mouth and onto the floor.  Unaware she was on the screen… she picked her gum up off the ground and popped it back in her mouth. The entire arena erupted in “AGGHHHs” and “EWWWWWs.” She looked very confused and they moved on to someone else.   I guess the moral of both stories is be cautious of your actions at sporting events because if they’re embarrassing  it’s likely everyone will see. 

(Jamie) Pacers ice cream couple... lots of things wrong but a ton right...

Anthem – Charles Glenn
5:22- Wishing Well – The airborne Toxic Event
5:37- Brand New Colony – The Postal Service
5:48- Just My Imagination – The Rolling Stones
6:37- Where is My Mind - Pixies
6:48- Oh Atlanta – Little Feat
7:37- Get Some – Lykke Li
7:48- Ten Thousand Lines – Electric Presidents
8:22- Sweet and Dandy – The Maytals
8:37- Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads
8:48- Heads Will Roll – Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

1) Skin implant smart phone app thing...speak English. 

2) Bloomberg gun owner whore misses a few things about him being a lifelong gun owner... violates all three nra gun safety rules : gun pointed in safe direction; finger is on the trigger.....bolt is open not closed...

3) Morning Joe panelist  Dan Senor  begging mental midgets Al Sharpton and Mike Barnicle to not go the "people hate Bloomberg because he's a Jew" narrative... race whores once again... Al Sharpton...

4) The "Jew" things works both ways... because keep in mind... Jewish guys are never referred to as old white guys... so leave it to this chiclet from politico Lois Romano... who says Lapierre is a tired old white guy... we can break this down and know that any middle aged white chick who talks about tired old white men didn't get enough hugs from dad... but beside that... is it okay I call Al Sharpton a tired old black guy? CLICK HERE

5) 23 minutes to Sunrise trailer: Director Jay Kanzler stops by today

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