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Posted 3/22/2013 6:00:00 AM

CLICK HERE to read the ridiculous article from the Huffington Post on 5 Reasons it's better to be a single parent...

Actually, we'll just cover that.  I'm not particularly conservative when it comes to a “traditional” household.  I did grow up in said traditional home and like to think I’m a well-rounded enough individual.  However, I do have friends who are living together before marriage, have same sex partners and who are single parents raising children alone.  But I can tell you not one of my single parent friends has ever said “wow this is much easier alone.” Ever.  As Jamie pointed out one of the biggest problems with this article is the self-serving tone.  The late night escapades bullet point should be enough of an explanation.   But I think my least favorite part of the whole thing was the total control.  How crazy and egotistical do you have to be to think you can do best with all the power?

(Jamie) Obama not ready for prime time..as he compares Palestinian and Israeli relationship to us & Canada.

Anthem – The Fray
5:22- Better Days – Bruce Springsteen
5:37- Take It So Hard – Keith Richards
5:48- In A Big Country – Big Country
6:37- Thank You – Led Zepplin
6:48- The Story I Heard – Blink Pilot
7:37- Gravity Rides Everything - Modest Mouse
7:48- Outside - Stained
8:22- ‘Kapooya’ Remix
8:37- Blame It On The Rain – Milli Vanilli
8:48- Don’t Fence Me In (Theme) – David Byrne
1) Nothing like bad weather and fire to bring out the lovely and lively among us...she must be a sister of Sweet Georgia Brown...its Michelle Kabooyow from Houston. 

2) Sweet Georgia Brown & the remix.

3) Midget mayor Bloomberg tries desperately to grow his small penis by threatening lawmakers who go against an assault weapons ban...tough guy Joe Biden is standing behind him...love the "false" slip. Think of how sick you have to be to deduct that lack of congressional action will result in a certain number of deaths...a rhetorical tactic Hitler and Stalin would be jealous of...scaring people with certain death to promote statism... This from the same guy who said life expectancy has increased since he’s been Mayor. Biden unwittingly reminds us that government interference really doesn’t solve the problems they say it will...in claiming the 1994 assault weapons ban worked....he says those who disagree are the same ones who said taking lead out of gasoline didn’t work…hmmm...maybe it hasnt worked because guys like Joe Biden and Bloomberg still fly around on planes that all use leaded gas.... 

4) Another terrible mother…videos her daughter crying for a real live unicorn...maybe she’s teaching her a lesson that you can’t always get what you want...or is she?  

5) Hit the trifecta of mental midgetry with bow tie wearing stooge Charlie Rangel…have heard a lot from those scourge of the earth "old white males" but haven’t heard nearly enough from the old black males in a while we've missed Al Sharpton so let's settle for Charlie the tax cheat Rangel...hey yeah let me talk about guns so I dont have to talk about raising taxes because i cant because I’m a tax cheat! So here we go...Rangel on auto weapons for hunting… Talks about churches and synagogues...Holliman was at a local meeting at a church...and why not just lie.

6) Rand Paul fights back against conservacrats who say he’s an amnesty guy on immigration.

7) Obama disaster Israel trip continues…Obama talks to students who don’t like him...

8) My strange addiction reaches new heights…the blood drinker...

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