Electric Stove 3/18/13
Posted 3/18/2013 8:55:00 AM

Everyone has recovered from a fun filled St. Patty’s weekend?  We didn’t get a chance to cover the undeniable insight and wisdom of Representative Hank Johnson from Georgia today.  (Johnson’s the guy who was scared Guam was going to “capsize.”)  I’m not sure how this guy even gets himself dressed each day.  You may remember him apologizing to “little people” a couple months ago… well now he’s back with “egg on his face.” If we would have gotten around to it Jamie would have pointed out the total of five people in the entire hearing.  I think when he was on his incoherent midget rant there was a total of one other person.  I take pity on the very small group of people that are subjected to this crazy’s rambling.  I guess he’s good for a laugh every now and again.

(Jamie's two cents) Hank Johnson told a military guy sequestration wouldn’t kick in…it was at a hearing but he was one of maybe five guys there.


Star Spangled Banner – US Navy Band
5:22- Not Your Fault - Awolnation
5:37- Mama Let Him Play - Doucette
5:48- Run – Vampire Weekend
6:48- Good Days Bad Days – Kaiser Chiefs
7:37- Shelia E - Prince
7:48- 7 - Prince
8:22- Rehab – Amy Weinhaus
8:37- I Wanna Be Your Lover - Prince
8:48- On A Cloud - Platinum

1) Rove responds to Palin...  

2) Reince Priebus finally figures out republicans need to reach out to libertarians and others instead of dismissing them...has it been addressed that CPAC banned republican gays? i was at cpac in 2010 and it was all Ron Paul all the time...

3) George Will...against the backdrop of demeaning tweets by Abby Huntsman...points out uphill battle for conservatives as it relate to the media... in 2010 it was totally obvious…same was apparent…just now being discovered..

4) Maher...you shouldn’t have to clear what you drink with the municipal government...conservatives starting to make some headway...and you can tell even Rachel Maddow is afraid of Maher...


5) Awww…poor rapists get convicted...of raping and taking pictures of a 16 year old girl...awww...CNN reporter devastated... blaming dad for rape...

6) Paiin cracks on Rove.

7) Wallace versus Dick Durbin on debt being unpatriotic.

8) Some libs claim Rob Portman’s gay son ruined his VP chances....as moonbats crap non facts.


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