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Posted 3/15/2013 8:55:00 AM

Normally, I would pull a clip from the show and share my opinion. But since it’s Friday and Carl received a humorous e-mail I’m switching it up. Below is an image created by someone who I’d assume is a Blue’s fan. It’s in reference to song by an artist called “Pitbull” that plays after every time the Blue’s score a goal. As you can see, said fan is not impressed with this being the goal scoring song. Little did they know when this was created that this graphic was directed specifically at our very own Carl Middleman; as Carl is in fact the “guy” that plays the music at Blues (and Ram’s) games. Carl doesn’t think it was made for him. And he’s technically correct, but let’s be honest this was indirectly-directly for him. The Blue’s are on record supporting the song selection but you can’t beat the Office Space reference… Happy Friday!

Music From Today's Show
Anthem –The Fray
5:22- Close To Me – The Cure
5:37- Lucky – Robert Pulmer
5:48- Sex On Fire – Kings of Leon
6:37- Chick A Boom Boom Boom – Mocean Worker
6:48- Robin Hood – Louis Prima
7:37- Wish You Were Here - Incubus
7:48- The Pretender – Foo Fighters
8:22- Gravity Rides Everything – Modest Mouse
8:37- Fools – The Dodos
8:48- Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club

1) Epic faceoff of the Democrat dinosaurs vs. young republican constitutionalists...Ted Cruz began asking pointed questions of ban addict Dianne Feinstein…saying how can you choose certain weapons ...when you don’t choose certain books to be banned or certain people to be arrested without cause... Feinstein pulls the, “I'm just a poor old woman don’t talk to me like that... Funniest part was when old doddering fool Patrick Leahy fumbled and slurred his way through an attempted defense...suddenly it was young Cruz versus the three old dinosaurs Leahy, Feinstein and Chuck Schumer...when is the asteroid going to come and wipe out these dinos? The good news is these guys will be gone in 10 years...Cruz and Rubio and Paul will be around.


2) Feinstein later went on tv to bitch about being treated badly and patronized...she herself says she’s been around the block...then act like it...don’t whine like a baby when someone dares confront you...and btw: what are you doing putting your finger in a bullet hole? 

3) The Hammer confusing in his Cruz interpretation.

4) Rand Paul awesome at CPAC.

5) Rubio at CPAC 

6) Black South Carolina Senator Tim Scott....at CPAC. 

7) Begala says Hillary will run. then makes facelift snap against Republican women...  

8) Fed ex founder Fred Smith on the economy.....a sage more than any politician can be...


9) One time Sheila Jackson Lee makes sense…on knives on planes. 

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