Electric Stove 3/12/13
Posted 3/12/2013 5:40:00 AM

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY JAMIE! Delicious and skillfully crafted cake from Dave McArthur of McArtur's Bakery!

Music From Today's Show
Anthem - Charles Glenn
5:22- Bittersweet – Big Head Todd & the Monsters
5:37- Symphonies – Dan Black
5:48- Maybelline – Chuck Berry
6:37- She’s So Cold – The Rolling Stones
6:48- Sweet and Dandy - The Maytals
7:37- Lazy Eye – Silversun Pickups
7:48- Where Is My Mind - Pixies
8:22- Gravity Rides Everything – Modest Mouse
8:37- Waves - Blondfire
8:48- Thrash Unreal – Rise Against!

1) Dimestore young liberals including the king of the mental midgets Marc Lamont Hill... famous for applauding cop killer as Django Unchained... one kid makes some sense... Mike Sacks... as legal guy... still not a bad discussion... CLICK HERE

2) Lamont Hill Django Unchained LA cop killer worship... 

3) Modern day Napolean Mayor Michael Bloomberg now says he has saved lives... he's a life saver... and his restrictions have saved lives

4) Peter King says OBL son in law needs military trial not civilian...

5) Jason Materra uncovers the truth after asking Illinois Dem Jan Schanowsky at a rally about the true purpose behind semi auto and ammo bans...

6) Mark Kelly claims he had some major facebook investigation before he was so rudely interrupted by witnesses... CLICK HERE

7) Almost missed this... Justin Timberlake and the Hugo Chavez funeral song... since scrapped from NBC site... and Hulu... CLICK HERE

8) Good News... Rodman vacationing with Kim Jong Un (caution: strong language) : CLICK HERE

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