Electric Stove 3/11/13
Posted 3/11/2013 6:49:00 AM

Good Monday morning! I hope everyone is feeling better after the loss of an hour over the weekend.  I’m with Jamie on this one… bring on springtime.  I’m glad to sacrifice an hour of sleep for an extra hour of daylight.  There are times I get bummed out about living in the Midwest.  Cold winters, hot summers and entirely too many cornfields.  However, when people like Mayor Bloomberg of NYC begin ‘portion controlling’ citizens’ soda intake I realize it could be worse.  A politician playing parent is unsettling.  This isn’t new news but Bloomberg’s euphemism of “portion control” as opposed to just calling it what it is a soda ban is insulting.  You’re not fooling anyone,  you’re out of line and now I’m thirsty.


3) (Jamie) Daddy Bloomberg who is short and flabby says you need to control your portions....banning sodas intake...



Music From Today's Show
Anthem - Beyonce
5:22- We’ve Got Everything – Modest Mouse
5:37- “xx” Album Intro – The xx
5:48- Lovers in Japan - Coldplay
6:37- Spotlight - Leagues
6:48- Gravity Rides Everything – Modest Mouse
7:37- Waves - Blondfire
7:48- My Own Worst Enemy - LIT
8:22- Itchin’ On A Photograph – Grouplove
8:37- Pull Up To The Bumper – Grace Jones
8:48- Weighty Ghost - Wintersleep



1) McCain becomes very interesting to bottom feeder Piers Morgan...who manages to let the preeminent conservative cock blocker John McCain...who manages to lie about Paul's position...note: Rand Paul never said the 9/11 attackers if American would be immune from death strikes. Boo hoo.

2) Nice, Republican strategist...Steve Schmidt ignores Sarah Palin and how he and others destroyed her... 

4) Ryan challenged by Wallace on Medicare issues...

5) Nancy Pelosi... Let’s make elections less important by making more deals...self-preservation.

6) Nightmare ensues as libtards discuss the Catholic church with Bob Schieffer...never see the libtards complain about the structure of the Muslim faith now do we? or of the Jewish faith for that matter…but Catholics>? Let ‘er rip...Carl Bernstein and some other chick...

7) Reporters whining again about white house cursing at them....this time Dana Milbank.

8) Krauthammer says Obama clearly sucking up to repubs because hes losing ground and favor of the media...

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