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Posted 3/8/2013 8:55:00 AM

Happy Friday! We had an interesting show this morning. It’s amazing how one “filibuster” can begin to redefine ideologies of political parties. John McCain’s criticism of Rand Paul’s speech defending the United States Constitution was borderline comical. I say borderline because I voted for this man in 2008 so I’m actually quite disturbed, but he had a WSJ editorial and read word for word. When I first saw the clip I thought at some point he would put it down and state how ridiculous the report was… but he just kept reading. Whatever – nutcase. Speaking of comical… at least Jon Stewart gave credit where credit was due...


Music From Today's Show
Anthem – The Fray (Fray Friday!)
5:22- But Anyway – Blues Traveller
5:37- Better Days – Bruce Springsteen
5:48- Radio Song - REM
6:37- Rhythm of Love - Yes
6:48- Good Life – One Republic
7:37- Just Got Paid – ZZ Top
7:48- Route 66 – Chuck Berry
8:22- Willie and the Hand Jive – Johnny Otis
8:37- Wide Awake – Katy Perry
8:48- Don’t Fence Me In – David Byrne (theme)

1) Lindsay Graham attacks Rand Paul...

2) Insulting arrogant John McCain...he of the campaign finance reform and no friend of the constitution... decides to lazily simply quote from a WSJ editorial...so old and useless he can’t even write his own speeches...as he sneers using someone else’s writing...no wonder he lost in 2008.


3) Laura Ingraham attacks McCain and Graham...

4) Rand Paul fights back at McCain and Graham...bipartisan hope? btw:? how in the hell did Megyn Kelly run out of time? 

5) One of my most despised pundits applauds Rand Paul...and points out Democrats are gutless in ot standing with Paul…Cenk Uygur interviews a leftard who calls Ran Paul a crackpot...now may be the time to start schooling libs on the constitution…but libs dot want to back anyone who is a strict constitutionalist…for then they have to admit they are wrong about why they exopand federal governemnt… why they abuse federal government powers… why they abuse taxation and regulation for political gain…that’s why they are not on board with Paul....to stand by a strict constitutinalist… would mean questioning everything else they do that is in direct conflict with enumerated powers...same with republicans...Rand Paul smoked out the anti-Americans.

6) Jimmy Kimmel tells great story about how something kinda stupid got worse because the excuse was even stupider...

7) Jay Carney says no way to sixth graders on WH tour....so passive aggressive.

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