Electric Stove 3/7/13
Posted 3/7/2013 5:33:00 AM

Rand Paul certainly cleared up any confusion about whose side he’s on.  It’s the side of the American people.  His 13 hour filibuster last night against John Brennan’s CIA director nom is a perfect example.  He clarifies his Hagel and Kerry support shamelessly.  At the same time he fiercely defends the constitution and the desperate need to protect against tyranny.  As one of our caller’s said today it’s great to have people like Rand Paul (and Jamie!) as a breath of fresh air after all of the nonsense we’re forced to listen to daily.   CLICK HERE to see Rand Paul video. (Don't worry it's not the entire 13 hours!)

Music From Today's Show
Anthem – The US Navy Band
5:22- Long Distance Runaround - Yes
5:37- In Hiding – Pearl Jam
5:48- I Will Follow – U2
6:37- Express Yourself – Charles Wright and the Watts
6:48- The Mambi Craze (Ur Craze Remix) – De Phazz
7:37- All Night Diner – Modest Mouse
7:48- Til I Hear It From You – Gin Blossoms
8:22- Roll Away Your Stone – Mumford and Sons
8:37- Better Days – Bruce Springsteen
8:48- Change - Churchill

Michelle Obama to Give Award to Woman who said, “Today is the anniversary of 9/11. May every year come with America burning”

1) Rand Paul... is there a better example of the quintessential conservative... calculating... playing his cards... always consistent... Senator Paul on Obama power play... related to non combatants... the question is who decides who are the combatants and non combatants? Obama? Paul? Holder? Paul up all hours... on behnalf of the consititution... all the republicrats who attacked him for his Hagel vote now know how much smarter Paul is than them... you choose your battles... and this one... by the senator... is a good battle indeed. CLICK HERE 

2) Eric Holder... attorney general... requiring major invasive surgery to exact a yes or no answer regarding the constitutionality of killing a US citizen on US soil who did not represent an imminent threat... CLICK HERE

3) Chicago news anchors and the "Caboose pistol"

4) Boehner is called a nut by so many moonbats... but on Kudlow he's straight as an arrow.

5) From the departmennt of glad he said it not me... talk abut double meanings! CLICK HERE

6) Media Mccarthyite Chris Matthews...opn Rand Paul... on hate groups... with Brian Levin from the center for studies of hate or something. CLICK HERE

7) Olivia Munn from the newsroom on HBO cracks on CNN and celebrity journalists... Piers sees himself... CLICK HERE

8) Middle Eastern men in action... pushing women out of the way to escape harm..." pistons down" CLICK HERE


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