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Posted 3/6/2013 7:55:00 AM

Because of my age (24) and the social changes that took place throughout my life I've always considered myself a moderate conservative with a more socially liberal lean.  Equal rights for LGBT, equal rights for minorities, going "green" (within reason, of course) and yes woman's rights.  But the more I pay attention the more I realize that's not with the liberal party is about. Jamie gave a ton of great examples today alone that contradict that thought process. As our current administration digs deeper into our pockets and attempts to take away our constitutional rights, people like D-Sen. Houdak (#2 below) shamelessly dig the knife deeper.  Not okay.

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The Republican Tax Cut Bill (a big pdf file)

1) You get nothing!  

2) Democrats continue their talk down war on women...first Biden telling women what guns to use...then Michelle Obama teaching 3rd graders about bitches and hoes...then democat who democrat men just need whistles to keep from getting raped on campus....now in Colorado a rape victim Amanda Collins speaks out about her right to conceal and carry on college campuses… So enter Haggariffic democrat state senator Evie Houdak...wow...

3) Meanwhile CPAC seems all ready to entertain the push for the McCain/Rubio amnesty immigration act…via the American Conservative Union president babbling in Spanish about the lobbying effort at cpac...as he’s an invitee calling for immediate access to residency and citizenship for 11 million illegals. 

4) Adam Corolla being attacked for being racist..should he be? in convo with California Lt Gov Gavin Newsom. 

5) A lot of you digging celebrity apprentice...Country star Trace Adkins nails Piers Morgan. 

6) Anti-gun and now anti-capitalist Piers Morgan hammers a Texas congressman over NSCAR sponsoring Texas 500...Morgan cites tobacco company ban but fails to mention Budweiser…or oil which fills cars that kill...etc.

7) Chavez people neat the crap out of Colombian journalists who dare to report on Chavez death.

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