Electric Stove 3/5/13
Posted 3/5/2013 5:32:00 AM

Great show today! Rodney Boyd checked in from Jeff City, Dr. Tobler chimed in on this Dr. Carson business and Judge Napolitano did his weekly hit and discussed the DHS tank and ammo buy.  CLICK HERE to download the podcasts!

Michelle Obama perplexes me.  Between crashing the Oscars, dancing with comedians, de-fryering schools and now teaching our youth “how to dougie” she’s a busy lady.  Yet, she’s not exactly doing anything to enhance the credibility of the Obama administration.   I understand that she’s the first lady and not a politician but a little discretion maybe?  Maybe I'm just bitter because I can’t stand Jimmy Fallon, I like French fries and I have no idea how to “dougie”.

Anthem – The Mormons
5:22- Shake, Shake, Shake - Bronze
5:37- Kasabian – L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)
5:48- To Kingdom Come – Passion Pit
6:37- You Are A Tourist – Death Cab For Cutie
6:48- Not Your Fault - Awolnation
7:37- Steller - Incubus
7:48- Knotty Pine (This Disc) – Dirty Projects & David Byrne
8:22- Read My Mind – The Killers
8:37- Cameras – Matt & Kim
8:48- Safe & Sound – Capital Cities

1) Drama Queen Brian Williams..whines about being disappointed in his country....Williams also claimed he's objective..ha ha : CLICK HERE

2)Ouch... Ben Carson says owning a semi-auto weapon depends on where you live.... Glenn Beck with the question : CLICK HERE

3) Brokaw criticizing the president... hmmmm... it's all about self presrvation for these guys... they see a failing president... and they're jumping ship...  : CLICK HERE

4) What would you do if you walked into a murder in progress? These guys staging a murder in progress to promote Dead Man Down tv series... totally staged... has to be... highly dangerous... but maybe not in a non conceal and carry state.

5) Trump says Rodman is maybe better...

6) Is a Jedi Mind Meld mixing metaphors? hmmm

7) A robot that throws cinder blocks... wow

8) Obama caught in lie by free beacon staff about janitor and capitol security pay cuts... reporter says not exactly right... which is actually otherwise known as completely wrong : CLICK HERE

9) Kids eat your veggies and do the Dougie says the First Lady..and she also makes the google meeting staff to do the same...

10) Howard Kurtz proves the media really doesnt have that "bad" relationship with Obama they are now claiming..using sequester reporting as an example. : CLICK HERE

11) Evidence Obama and team decided to go after humans... not robots and squirrels... GOP expose

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