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Posted 3/4/2013 6:41:00 AM

 David Gregory in full CYA mode...media now claiming it hasn’t been up the rear of Obama.

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The Romney’s were interviewed by Chris Wallace of Fox News Sundays (also of AitM Thursdays 8:10a CT) over the weekend.  While Mitt was still disappointed with himself and the loss, Ann says she has, “no problem blaming the media.”  Good for her.  President Obama has been a hotshot in the media - news and entertainment.  I hate to say “celebrity president” but… that’s huge part of his scheme. It seems ironic now that David Gregory thinks the media was never up to bat for him.  We're starting to see a slight shift as Obama is portrayed as less desirable.  If the trend continues it will be interesting and practically unheard of for a democrat...especially the leader of our country... to not be guarded from the pressure of the press.
Carrie Underwood - Anthem
5:22- Young The Giant – My Body
5:37- Girls On Fox News
5:48- Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds
6:37- The Rolling Stones – Just My Imagination
6:48- White Stripes – My Doorbell
7:37- David Gray – Money (That’s What I Want)
7:48- Sweet – Love Is Like Oxygen
8:22- The Wombats – Jump Into The Fog
8:37- Girls On Fox News (yes…again)


1) Obama believes the Supreme Court should challenge all state gay marriage bans...going where Fed should not tread.

2) Gotta love Anonymous…this didn’t get much coverage.

3) Video of women shooting the Joe Biden special. 

4) Ann Romney, "I’m happy to blame the media."  

5) Dennis Rodman makes it on ABC's this week…but hanging out with North Koreas despot spawn, but
Stephanopoulos presses him.

6) Romney still dealing with accusations it was all his fault and campaign failures.

7) Democrat Deputy House Speaker Ernest Hewtt in Connecticut has a really nice little joke for a 17 year old girl who testified in favor of keeping science funding of science center ...she joked it helped her overcome her fear of snakes...Ernest got all excited...

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