Electric Stove 3/1/13
Posted 3/1/2013 9:00:00 AM

1) SE Cupp says no to CPAC over rejection of GOP gay groups and Log Cabin Republicans.

2) Lib freaks are astounded that Boehner compares tax increases to stealing it’s about time!!!

3) Jonathan Alter claims he was threatened...ho hum. 

4) Pain in the rear scold Michelle Obama on the death of fryers in schools...and at churches...so much for the fish fry.  

5) Al Sharpton on Scalia and the voting rights act... 15th amendment would have to be rescinded for Scalia to be right...States’ rights stop at the 15th...and besides...why fight? CLICK HERE

6) Really tough choice...you want some sick harpy addicted to her stuffed lamb?

7) Or two gay guys raising twin boys...who do you think is contributing more to advancing our culture?

8) Mark Levin states the obvious....why elections have consequences...  

9) Lying Hussy Nancy Pelosi back for another helping of lie casserole…surrounded by all the women in their Sunday best…and this huge part in her hair that makes her look bald…

10) Jonathan Alter says attacks on Obama are racist.  

11) Jonathan Alter compares Obama to FDR.

Posted By: Jamie Allman  

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