Electric Stove 2/28/13
Posted 2/28/2013 6:04:00 AM

1) Wiki Weapons project demonstrating ...against backdrop of Bolero--a 3d printable gun design …lower portion of an ar-15 standing up to 600 rounds of firing…

2) You like Subway...would never have happened...if it had to start today…Founder Fred Deluca…payroll taxes and Obamacare the killers...

3) Harry Reid talkin' movies at the Rosa Parks ceremony on Capitol Hill.

4) Looks like getting demoted has helped Soledad O'Brien find some balance in reporting…as she gets in the face of a democrat Steve Israel who tries to roll out the blame the Republicans’ bull...

5) Senator Tom Coburn says if there is sequester horror it will be because of the Boris Karloff in chief Prez Obama.

6) Worried about all the sequester harm to local governments...aww...how about the Cleveland city council...and its expense accounts...

7) Indications that Obama is purposely trying to instill pain & has even jeopardized national security by recalling Persian Gulf aircraft carrier for the sake of political theater... CLICK HERE

8) Ed secretary Arne Duncan lies about education cuts from sequester.

9) Reason TV strikes again…two minutes of truth about the sequester.

10) Fresh off stalking Jessica Alba and covering the academy awards...Piers Morgan belittles pizza guy who gives discounts to gun owners... CLICK HERE

11) More on liberals learning…as in the tied changing...as Howard Kurtz and a chick from Daily beast defend Sean Hannity in fight with hack Keith Ellison.

12) Radical nun declares papal election invalid...because no women in the process...

13) Goat edition of “Trouble.”  

14) Charity guy goes the the Congo. When the kids see a white person for the first time and can’t get enough of his hairy arms.

15) In a roomful of Uncle Toms doing bididng for the white liberal establishment and its ignorance of the true causes of violence...Robin Kelly intros herself as Another Moonbat hack steps in to fill the shoes of Jesse Jackson Jr in Illinois...She’s running against the NRA... CLICK HERE

16) Current TV already whoring out to the Mooj as it interviews author who says fear of Islamic terrorism is overblown...but sorry…this isn’t anything you won’t see on CNN or NBC or MSNBC.  

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