Electric Stove 2/25/13
Posted 2/25/2013 10:36:00 AM

1) Bobby Jindal tells the Prez to cut the crap - CLICK HERE

2)Romney strategist Stu Stevens interviewed by Howard Kurtz about whether media is in the tank about Obama... and what a surprise the guy makes no sense and has no coherent answer... and of course he’s not going to bash the media… he needs a job soon... that’s the problem with hiring beltway media guys... they play both sides… they don’t really have vested interest in candidates… just in positioning points... with no real emotional interest in the message… Obama’s guys were true believers...Republicans operatives are... as a rule... all disloyal... CLICK HERE

3) Great example is the newly hair dyed Robert Gibbs... outing Obama as sinister and secretive and ordering him not to say anything about drones. CLICK HERE

4) Questioner interviewed on Fox… because no one else would... breaks it down...


 5) Jon Hunstman makes sense… saying the new frontier for conservatives ought to focus of federalism… let the states decide... keep the feds out of it... rock n’ roll... but watch out for the prehistublicans.


 6) Science... the super battery with liquid carbon... ending need for batteries... but quick charging carbon products… let the market run!!!!


The Super Supercapacitor | Brian Golden Davis from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

7) Tire lands in the stands pre-Daytona


8) Life of Pi guys for audio visual effects cut off....


9) Science guy Bill Nye says… yes we will get hit by an asteroid...


10) Michelle dances on Fallon


11)Juan Williams Liberal media a lot more nasty than conservatives

12)Good for conservative black leaders saying gun control has racist roots...harry alford and the black chamber of commerce

13) CNN guy blames Republicans for Chicago violence.

14) Jamie Foxx loves his daughter but he loves Kelly Rowland the interviewer even more… CLICK HERE

15) Michelle Obama says welcome to the White House… CLICK HERE

16) 50 cent tries to kiss sideline reporter at Daytona...


17) Actor James Franco... drivers and Danica...


18) Martin Bashir as hypocrite... from February to January… February says it’s bad to invoke Hitler... Nazis… January he did it…


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