Electric Stove 2/20/13
Posted 2/20/2013 8:32:00 AM

1) Obama taking everyone hostage...only thing he didnt do was threaten to kill a puppy...keep in mind..the meat cleaver that Obama is talking about is simply a stoppage of spending growth... He’s got it all figured out...so if things go bad its republicans fault...we are all going to die from disasters and criminals will be sprung from jails...we will get sick..and if we get kidnapped the fbi wont be there...and we will have more terrorism...   

2) Joe Biden in the act of telling women just kind of gun they need...and its not an ar-15.

3) What ABC has predicted true true... 

4) Ooooo more rape comments...from a democrat!!! Liberal Colorado lawmaker says no guns on campus because girls are just paranoid... Like Biden condescends on guns…another lib condescends on rape…like Matthews condescended to blacks... Whistles…that’s all you need...

5) The 3-d printer…just print high capacity magazines...or anything else.

6) Google opening retail stores. 

7) Hey Joe.

8) Virginia Beach Pizza shop special for gun owners.

9) Hamilton County Ohio Voter Fraud continues...woman may have voted six times…she’s under investigation.

10) Ghostbusters – “Mass Hysteria.”


Posted By: Jamie Allman  

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