Electric Stove 2/18/13
Posted 2/18/2013 8:55:00 AM

1) Live from New York during Christian Holy Days of Lent…It's Saturday Night Live.


2) Wallace/Rand Paul...about 2016.  

3) Rove likes Paul...

4) Our own Sandra Smith asks Dr. Ben Carson a question during Hannity forum. 


5) at Lincoln Days Senator Blunt jokes about harry Reid...performance...


6) Mark Potter of NBC has had enough of the Jesus talk from Carnival cruise passengers...


7) ABC saying Hillary running a done deal.

8) Whisk now fighting "invisible" stains…stains you can’t see.


9) CNN reporter has to be schooled by a carnival cruise so called "survivor" on how this wasn’t a big deal…

10) Racy or racist? ha ha....ABC finds controversy saying "many people" are upset... there are controversial pictures we'll be glad to show you...and Marc Lamont Hill…the race baiting hack...makes an appearance.


11) McCain confronts David Gregory after Gregory carries water for Obama saying he wants republicans to leave Benghazi alone…good for McCain.

Posted By: Jamie Allman  

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