Electric Stove 2-15-13
Posted 2/15/2013 8:55:00 AM

1) McCarthyism...Chris Matthews says he doesn’t often say it…actually, yes he does...this time he and Senator McCaskill kibitz over Ted Cruz being suspicious of Hagel love coming from Iran. Attached is a list of Matthews and his boss Barack Obama playing the games...but even more often. 

2) Mayor Bloomberg calling for a ban on Styrofoam...taking notes from Obama inaugural…actually his description of Styrofoam can describe almost any democrat holding public office...

3) In the process of committing fraud, ruining lives and even helping kill a man...it's a good thing Al Sharpton didn’t down any water from a water bottle during that time...I guess its also good quadruple killer Chris Dorner didn’t either...and thank goodness Bill Clinton didn’t grab for a bottle of water while molesting an intern...otherwise these guys would have been the scourge of the media and twitter...the real criminal is Marco Rubio…as explained by Reverend Al. 

4) Colbert tongue in cheek...but he is actually right…isn’t our problem the big government an all of its members...promoting relevance…getting involved…and not letting freedom ring? 

5) Coulter says no women allowed in 2016...

6) Carnival cruisers and family members in full blown freak out over not being able to flush toilets and having to eat 3000 calories a day instead of 8000 calories a day.

 7) TLC's my strange addiction is back.....Americans aren’t all that pre occupied with politics…gun control…and the economy after all...oh to not care...

Posted By: Jamie Allman  

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