Electric Stove 2-13-13
Posted 2/13/2013 8:55:00 AM

1) Survivors of fort hood shooting tell ABC news they are livid the terror act has been classified as "workplace violence" and are fighting back. One said they feel betrayed by Obama and his promise to take care of victims. The woman in this tape...Kimberly Munley…was used as a prop during Obama's State of the Union address three years ago. 

2) Obama's own big fan…upstages him as he's surrounded in California…meanwhile Idiot reporters getting in the way had to be begged by police to stop tweeting... 

3) Nugent promising to take on gun control crazy media after State of the Union. 

4) Moscow bans us meat...

5) President Obama announces he wants to expand opportunities for 4 year olds...guess he'll steal the 98 billion for pre-school from you? 

6) Obama encourages future dis-employment & under-employment by demanding increase in the minimum wage. Cites Maids business example even as Obamacare is already killing expansion & more employment.

7) Congressman Rod's friend Steve Stockman had to defend his decision to invite Ted Nugent... 

8) Obama claims clearing away rubble as he adds more...small business snuffed from growth after Obamacare...low income earners hit with 2% payroll tax...regulations crushing coal...and the six million job figure is even higher than the 4.5 million job figure that was touted just at the convention at summers end…which was not factually true even then because Democrats started the count in January of 2010..not when Obama took office...factually its a net gain of only 300 thousand since 2010..and we have fewer jobs than when Obama took office,.,,.....so the claim is we added 1.5 million jobs since September? Really?  and the claim we are less dependent on foreign oil comes from claims of mileage standards that don’t go into full swing until 12 years from now.

9) Crazy superstitious Brits think lightning struck St. Peter’s basilica for some reason right after popes resignation announcement...

10) Spokane, Washington Weather girl makes a Valentine’s Day prediction....for herself maybe? Was that a Freudian slut? I mean, slip?

11) Rubio

12) Rand Paul...talks immigration...supports Rubio path to citizenship.

Posted By: Jamie Allman  

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