Electric Stove 2/8/13
Posted 2/8/2013 7:00:00 AM

1) This time I don’t have too much of a problem with the code pinkos...even if there’s still debate about drones. 

2) Ann Coulter calls mainstream media a threat to democracy. 

3) Democratic senator Ron Wyden...to Brennan...should we ask for surrender first?  

4) 16 billion deficit is viable and vibrant? it is stipulated as an enumerated power in Constitution…but needs work to avoid a drain on taxpayers...Democrat blames Republicans...   

5) Huffington post makes no mention of the real parts of the manifesto...regarding his liberal heroes...Anchor chick makes some effort to link liberal leanings but interviewee will have none of it...

6) Dawn Keim hears her 8 year old son speak for the first time...she lost her hearing when she was 30...from a reality show called the doctors....this is reality tv I can love.

7) Jon Stewart points out hypocrisy of Obama administration members who don’t want to release drone memos...going back to when the likes of Biden  He harassed Ashcroft back in 2004..love how Biden calls him a "general" what a dumbass... Stewart also confused as to why Obama released Bush memos but won’t release his own...

8) Hot girls of Westboro Baptist Church....Grace and Megan…good news is they left... What they will do...in future. 

9) smoking gun obama mugshot link

10) Dumb lawmaker from Connecticut wants a 10% tax on video games.

Posted By: Jamie Allman  

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