Electric Stove 2/6/13
Posted 2/6/2013 8:55:00 AM

1) Rand Paul with a great answer to Bill O’Reilly...on the future of Republican Party.

2) Judge Napalitano on drone strikes…really is a red herring leaked to freak everyone out and make Obama look tough and right of center etc...been making lefties way too happy lately…but I’m with the lefties on this…even still it doesn’t matter...

3) Nightmare moonbat and thief Keith Ellison decides Phil Mickelson needs to pay for other citizens to live....after he’s asked by Stuart Varney about mickelson and taxing the rich. 

4) Eric Holder...drones strikes when capture isn’t feasible…when is capture not feasible? CLICK HERE

5) Don’t break the President's flow...cell phone goes off during speech. CLICK HERE

6) Chris Christie eats a donut on Letterman. 

7) Robert Menendez in 2012 said secret service agents involvedin prostitutes should all be fired. 

8) Republican Congressman makes dumb remark about women…of any kind...explosion of media coverage....democratic tax leaching congresswoman doesn’t pay her taxes...stays local…in New Hampshire.

9) Adam Corolla on "racist" gun control proponents. (NSFW) 

10) Al Sharpton is very inclusive in his lean forward ad for MSNBC...inclusive except for one thing when he cites the Pledge of Allegiance. 

11) Matt Lauer complains the Prez always has to back up his words with proof.

12) “Fat Butt Michelle” 

Posted By: Jamie Allman  

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