Electric Stove 1/31/12
Posted 1/31/2013 5:35:00 AM

1) Artie Lang interviews Chris Culliver cornerback for the 49ers... who talks about gays and gets slapped by team... btw: worst radio ever..as Langs voice bleeds over during playing of the tape....awful...

2)Rick Santelli 'we are now Europe'... with news of an ailing GDP...

3) Gun rights advocate Gayle Trotter from the Independent women's forum tells Dem Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to stuff it... when he maintains a woman who killed an intruder with a shotgun not falling under the ban proves that a shotgun is enough firepower...no need for "100 magazine and peculiar artifacts..."

4)Mainstream already readying itself for the big pro-democrat campaign...this time with ABCs Cynthia McFadden calling on gender to pressure Hillary into running. Begging.


5)Panel of mental midgets Starr Jones, Donny Duestch and some chick called a chief medical editor at NBC...not only don't like the second amendment they don't even appear to like the first. Sounds like people off the street.

6)MSNBC corruption is exposed...the narrative was that father of a murdered child Niel Heslin was "heckled " by gun right supporters.,.when in fact the unedited tape proves he asked for an answer to his question... even the senator was disingenuous... here's the full tape. BTW this is same company that blew up a GM truck on purpose and falsley edited Trayvon Martin tapes.

7) Letterman jumps into the dump on Al Gore Al Jazeera fray

8)She's so cute when she's such an effite liberal queen.... CLICK HERE

9) Taco Bell pulls ad and gets publicity... job well done... Taco Bell allegedly offended vegetarians... so pulled this ad... which is a crock but its entertaining.


10) MSNBC made the goofus make nice with an angry and deceived public... regarding heckling

11) Illinois disgrace Dick Durbin tells Mark Kelly there should have been a hearing after one of his own was shot... not after Aurora... but after one of his own... I guess Batman moviegoers need to beware... you don't count... actually... you should have had a hearing after the first GDP numbers... the first unemployment numbers... or when Solyndra failed... or when thousands lost jobs because of hastily written coal regs. CLICK HERE

12) Hefner daughter and liberal shill on Morning Joe...responds by proving herself a moron.

13) My kind of tv reporter... she's in New Orleans... makes the drunk ones pay for bothering her... but she is on Bourbon Street... and she's wearing beads... and it's one in the morning... not quite sure it's time for bar tricks... oh well it's funny... CLICK HERE

14) Just wondering if Obama will have a news conference about this...

An honor student from one of Chicago's top schools who had just performed at President Obama's second inauguration ceremony last week was killed yesterday after being caught in the crossfire of a gang-related shooting.

15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, a majorette in the King College Prep Marching Band and Drill Team, had been released from school early after finishing an exam, and was hanging out in nearby Vivian Gordon Harsh Park with about a dozen teenagers who were taking shelter from the heavy rain.

15) St. Louis mom forced to be at school... CLICK HERE

16) Boring tornado narration... not like the others

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