Electric Stove 1/29/13
Posted 1/29/2013 6:20:00 AM

1) I used to think Toure was somewhat intelligent... Now he's confirmed hes just another *****. Toure on anniversary of Roe v Wade..key words here "and then SHE got pregnant"... he couldn't even bring himself to say he impregnated her. It shows everything thats wrong with the young dont-give-a-rats-ass males... and it's an insult to those who are pro choice but don't see abortion as a casual safety hatch. He's not afraid to simply say the baby was wrong place wrong time... when he was the wrong place wrong time... Toure admits he and she both knew it wasn't going to work out but still weren't careful... maybe Toure should explain how that happened?

2) As if wanting illegal immigration is not enough of an insult to the black community... Sen. Bob Menendez says giving illegals a break is the civil rights issue of our time...
3) President Obama jokes he helped Miami Heat win ther NBA championship 

4) The Hammer says he's proud to be despised by Obama... so should talk radio... but we know what's coming... CLICK HERE

5)CNN reporter asks about skeet shooting....
6)Milwakee county sheriff David Clark elaborates on his message that we are kinda on our own...


7) This coming from a Democratic operative Kirsten Powers... on Obama and Clinton on 60 minutes

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