Electric Stove 1/25/13
Posted 1/25/2013 6:30:00 AM

Senator Brian Nieves on Fox and Friends.

1) Republican New Mexico lawmaker wants to make abortion after a rape pregnancy a tampering with evidence felony...Huffington Post reporters reflect.  

2) The hammer says Obama Administration dangerous anti-terror view.

3) Didn’t know you actually ran for Secretary of State, but John Kerry was… 

4) Mental midgetry…again…on MSNBC....David Corn from Mother Jones with this adolescent assessment of conservatives...he and other coward Matthews won’t even use the word liberal…if you can’t call yourself a liberal how honest are you?

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5) Rand Paul reminds Kerry of his Vietnam protest...nicely. Then Sen. Paul does his best to avoid being party of bi partisan dog and pony show …this time talking Egypt and US sending tanks. 

6) Where are all the separation of church and state nuts… Dianne Feinstein makes a mockery of earnest lawmaking as she surrounds herself with uniforms and a minister who i think she said he was going to give  a prayer...love the "cross lobby"....imagine a conservative using the term cross lobby...


7) The previous fly attacks on the President.

8) The latest fly attack:


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