Electric Stove 1/18/13
Posted 1/18/2013 8:55:00 AM

1) Wild Bill for America...who needs an assault rifle? (btw follow up..would gun restriction enthusiasts be ok with us evaluating their birth rates? like if you're on welfare do you need another kid?) 

2) Mental midget Rahm Emmanuel...more laws because we need more laws to make up for the laws that aren’t being enforced...or something...best part  is a preacher who has "lost three of his nephews to gun violence"..hmm lost them to gun violence? or lost them before that?

 3) Now the Whole Foods’ guy says he regrets using the word fascism...John Mackey…still love him...note Huffington Post Australian accent dude.

4) Jon Stewart concedes point of gun rights guy & his brilliant take on ATF and one part of Obama agenda appointing ATF director.

5) Jay Carney...no, your guns are safe...so much for legislation.

6) Chicago basketball death 17 year old killed after basketball brawl. 

7) Manti Te’o on cancer death of girlfriend wearing lei in her honor...right before Heisman trophy ceremony.

8) Tim Carney Article: In gun control push, Obama abandons logic and facts.

Posted By: Jamie Allman  

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