Electric Stove 1/15/13
Posted 1/15/2013 8:15:00 AM

1) Is economist Walter Williams the "survivalist" Joe Scarborough sniffs at? No...here’s what he has to say about the purpose of the 2nd amendment and whether or not we can have reason to fear the tyranny the forefathers did.



2) Joe Scarborough on chasing survivalists


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3) Krauthammer on Obama libel on starving America’s children. This from a guy whose reelection inauguration tops 53 million in fundraising...what a pig.

4) Bimbo asks the worst questions: Obama not socializing enough; not diverse enough?



5) Rand Paul doesn’t like slimy Brits either.



6) Cool, another expose of left wing loonies, this time on access TV, called “Frack Nation.”  Nasty jerks these loonies are.



7) States are now getting into competitions.  Kansas is on the way to canceling the corporate income tax, soon to be personal income tax.  Some states with innovative gun laws, some states with right to work.  Now Virginia is in with an idea to get rid of the gas tax.  Gov. Bob McDonald is on with Neil Cavuto.



8) Sharpton has himself a doozie on gun appreciation day, but winds up still making a fool of himself.  Larry Ward says essentially, if my uncle had breasts he’d be my aunt in the argument that slaves should have had guns. Sharpton kills him.

9) Miss Iowa stands up for marijuana use...! Her name is Mariah Cary.



10) Brent Musberger doubles down...way to go....at the Baylor Kansas game

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