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Ugly Pink Bathroom!


Why do you deserve a bathroom makeover? We scrimped and saved to buy our first home in July of this year. We fell in love with the area, the gorgeous hardwood floors, and pretty much everything else about the home. Except for the bathroom, which is the only thing original to the entire house. It is 60+ years old and really dingy. The inside of the medicine cabinet looks like something from an insane asylum in a horror movie. The bathtub is peeling. The asbestos-backed floor tiles are cracked. We still have an original heater covered in 60 years of flaking white (probably lead) paint on one wall. And don't even get me started on the UGLY pink tiles! It's awful! My boyfriend and I are both college students (me studying for my bachelor's and he studying for his master's) who also work full time. I work as a nanny and my boyfriend is a 5th grade teacher in the Rockwood School District. It would mean so much to us to get this bathroom fixed up, because we would love to start a family, but I could never bathe my own baby in his dingy, gross bathroom. Unfortunately, being full time college students, we cannot afford the several thousand dollars to have the job done. Please help us out!
Submitted by Sarah Flowers from Crestwood On 10/26/2012  · This has been rated 17 times.