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Bath looking to become Master


Why do you deserve a bathroom makeover? Anything that could be done wrong in this bathroom and house was. Originally wallpapered in 1988, the paper was removed but the wall was not prepped. It has been patched, and repainted, but the water base paint re-activated the glue and a ugly texture is now on the wall in some spots. The vanity is original and storage is limited to that vanity in the bath. The toilet and bath drain are in need of some love. The doors and trim were not prepped right, so the hinges are painted and rusty, and the moulding is damaged from extra nails. This is the main level bath, which serves as our master bath, so it gets used heavily. Oh, I forgot to mention... IT HAS CARPET!
Submitted by Roger N from Belleville On 10/24/2012  · This has been rated 2 times.