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MOM of 3 Boys! HELP!!


Why do you deserve a bathroom makeover? I have 3 great little boys ages 8, 5, and 4 months. Four boys if you count my husband who considers organizing crumbs into piles, as cleaning up! I am constantly sweeping, wiping or folding something. I also have 196 other kiddos I make lunch for 3 days a week at my kids elementary school. I would love to have one room in this house that is mine! Everything in our bathroom is builders grade, which equals GROSS! And unfortunately my husband's handyman skills don't go past painting, if that! My husband and I moved back to STL in 2005 with the promise of a great job for him, which unfortunately turned out to be all promises and no money. We have dug ourselves out of debt and slowly repaid (and are still in the process) of repaying everyone we owed. So we never "pay" ourselves first with little luxuries. We work extremely hard and would love to come home to a beautiful new bathroom and little oasis for myself, free of power rangers, and urine on the toilet seat!! I'm dying for a double sink and a little storage space and a tub that doesn't turn moldy one week afer we caulk it! Thank you for considering my family!
Submitted by Sara Latall from Eureka, MO On 10/16/2012  · This has been rated 3 times.