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On-Demand Audio: ABC Picks a Side in the Affirmative Action Debate + Today's Music 4/24/14

ABC supporting a Detroit high school studunt who claims the University of Michigan will pay the consequences if they do not accept him because he is black... Read more...

On-Demand Audio: Senator Jim Talent 4/24/14

Senator Talent chimes in on Russia, the Bundy Ranch, and even baseball! Read more...

On-Demand Audio: YUM! CEO Under the Gun + Today's Music 4/23/14

David Novak the CEO of YUM! is under scrutiny for making "1,000 time's more than his employees"... well here's the deal... he could be the poster child of the "American Dream"... Jamie explains... Read more...

On-Demand Audio: Ann Wagner 4/23/14

Congresswoman Ann Wagner checks in to talk Obamacare, mid-term elections, and more! Read more...

On-Demand Audio: Todd Starnes + Today's Music 4/22/14

Todd's big announcement!

On-Demand Audio: Johnny Bench 4/22/14

Jamie at the Louisville Slugger Museum swingin' Johnny's bat! Read more...

On-Demand Audio: Darn it Michelle 4/21/14

Michelle Obama crashin' graduations...

On-Demand Audio: Jim Carafano + Today's Music 4/18/14

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Anthem – Mormons
522 Thunder Clatter – Wild Cub
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622 Good Days Bad Days – Kaiser Chiefs
650 Dream in Blue – Los Lobos
725 Waves – Sleeper Agent
750 London in the Rain – Variety Lab
822 Lie to Me – Solomon Burke
835 The World At Large / Gravity Rides Everything – Modest Mouse