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On-Demand Audio: Jim Carafano + Today's Music 4/18/14

Today's Music:

Anthem – Mormons
522 Thunder Clatter – Wild Cub
535 These Dreams of You – Van Morrison 550 Good Days Bad Days – Kaiser Chiefs
622 Good Days Bad Days – Kaiser Chiefs
650 Dream in Blue – Los Lobos
725 Waves – Sleeper Agent
750 London in the Rain – Variety Lab
822 Lie to Me – Solomon Burke
835 The World At Large / Gravity Rides Everything – Modest Mouse

Mocking the MSM?

Wow. And Jay Carney... a former journalist himself… thinks it’s a good thing that a comedian was tougher on Obama than any other journalist out there: Read more...

Mississippi Hair Braider

The story of Melanie the Mississippi hair braider... who wanted to do it professionally but was blocked... proof everyone has a stake in lesser regulation… killing jobs: Read more...

Obama Amazes the Hammer

The Hammer running the table on Obamacare... and Obama making stuff up. It is truly amazing... this Obama: Read more...

President Obama (clearly) Can't Make It About the People

Obama makes it about the GOP---not the people. Because he can’t make it about the people. The people dont like Obamacare. So if he makes it seem like it’s the GOP fault… is dummies believe him. ALSO… what does the GOP do about Obamacare? They make it about the GOP... seats up for grabs here... Rove and his whiteboard about how republicans can win… but what about how Americans can win? Instead of counting senate seats tell the story of people being affected… when you are asked what’s at stake don’t talk about senate seats at stake... talk about real lives... Read more...

On-Demand Audio: Jeb v. Hillary + Today's Music 4/17/14

Jamie has a solid theory about a Jeb/Hillary 2016 election... Read more...

On-Demand Audio: Sandra Smith 4/17/14

The lovely Sandra Smith live from New York + a suprise guest! Read more...

Don Lemon on Sharpton

CNNs Don Lemon on Laura Ingraham on Al Sharpton... pretty pedestrian but important: Read more...

Anthony Weiner is Back

Anthony Weiner digging in on sexting....with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos: Read more...