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The following is the list of MO Representatives who voted YES then went back on their word and voted NO for an income tax veto override:

1) Sue Entlicher (R)
2) Paul Fitzwater (R)
3) Dennis Fowler (R)
4) Lyndall Fraker (R)
5) Elaine Gannon (R)
6) Kent Hampton (R)
7) Jeffrey Messenger (R)
8) Lynn Morris (R)
9) Donna Pfautsch (R)
10) Don Phillips (R)
11) Craig Redmon (R)
12) Jeff Roorda (D)
13) Lyle Rowland (R)
14) Ed Schieffer (D)
15) Mike Thomson (R)
16) Nate Walker (R)
17) David Wood (R)

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  1. DaSaintFan posted on 09/12/2013 07:45 AM
    Jamie, I hate to say this.. but I was disappointed in your comments with our "Illustrious" speaker of the House that I caught in on the way to the office.

    You brought up the fact that the two key vetoes weren't overturned (I'll disagree with you on the tax veto (1%/3% over 10 years) being more important than the 2nd amendment veto, but that's an argument for a different day), and went right after him, and on the tax veto failure in particular, and what was his response?

    "But we overturned 10 vetoes".

    Wowsers, that'll show Gov. Nixon, we're overturning his vetos on animal abuse regulations and conference-call voting for govt. officials. Oh yeah, that's really important to Missouri Residents... {I'm hoping sarcasm tags aren't really necessary here?)

    And you just let it go past with no response. (I'll disagree with you on punishing the Republican congressmen who didn't vote to overturn. Let the voters do that when they have to go back and explain their votes).
  2. LauraP_5178 posted on 09/12/2013 09:57 AM
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