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Jamie brings you the outrageously incriminating Rory Reid interview and more!


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On-Demand Audio: Kevin Jackson 4/16/14

Jamie Allman's Electric Stove

Fresh off his hit this morning with Fox and Friends, Kevin Jackson chimes in on Nevada, racism and more!


Wheel of Fortune Fail

Jamie Allman's Electric Stove

ACH-I-LES? Wow... IU honors student gets “Mythological Hero Achilles” wrong to lose out on one million dollars and a car and a euro trip:



Rand Paul Chimes in on Cattle Battle

Jamie Allman's Electric Stove

Rand Paul defends the Bundy family (host also points out the cattle roam on public land all the time… so now we have to listen to left wing demand personal responsibility from cows even when they don’t from their constituents. Like when the pushed Obamacare because they were tired of the freeloaders… this a party of free loaders...you could amass 100 thousand left wing welfare siphons supporting harry Reid and still not come up with one Clive Bundy...)




Krystal Ball on Cattle Battle

Jamie Allman's Electric Stove

Another lecture from a phony liberal patriot… this time Krystal Ball... who dares tie in a Boston bombing commemoration with a family that has farmed land for more than a hundred years now arguing with the government....and she decries arbitrary obeying of laws....hmmm...

(pay special attention to her left wing extremist trick… also used by the right by Glenn Beck… of taking the lazy way out by judging the fighters on who they attract as supporters… same thing happened with the tea party...but dare to mention the new black panthers and democrats)