Allman Christmas Special 2017

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Spreading the Christmas Cheer at the Saint Louis Zoo
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Annie Frey
Jamie loves to help Rudolph make new friends.



Win with the Allman 12 Days of Christmas!

How to Win with Allman's 12 Days of Christmas

Each day of the promotion we’ll pick one winner and sometimes more!  Plus, you can register for the huge GRAND PRIZE package that includes almost all of the giveaways combined!

You can begin registering NOW for each day's prize. And, you can register once a day for each of the prizes to increase your chances! Just click on the links below.

Each of the twelve days will have a unique winner, but everyone is eligible for the Grand Prize! So, for example, if you win Day 3, you can't win Day 9...but you can still win the Grand Prize! So get entering now, good luck, and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Entries for each day's prize will be cut off at 5am the day the prize is given away. The winners will be announced at 8:10am on Allman in the Morning, so be sure to be listening! We will reach out to contact you personally if you're a winner.

Here’s what you could win:

Each winner will be announced at 8:10am on Allman in the Morning on the day listed with the corresponding prize. Entries will close at 5:00am on the day of the giveaway.

DAY 1: Tuesday, December 5 – A Christmas Carol at The Fox Theatre 12/14
DAY 2: Wednesday, December 6 – Wild Lights at The St. Louis Zoo
DAY 3: Thursday, December 7 – St. Louis Blues vs. New Jersey Devils 1/2
DAY 4: Friday, December 8 – A Christmas Carol at The Fox Theatre 12/14

DAY 5: Monday, December 11 – School of Rock at The Fox Theatre 1/16
DAY 6: Tuesday, December 12 – Jethro Tull at The Fox Theatre 6/29
DAY 7: Wednesday, December 13 – Cinderella at The Fox Theatre 12/27
DAY 8: Thursday, December 14 – Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Scottrade Center 12/27
DAY 9: Friday, December 15 – $500 Diamonds Direct

DAY 10: Monday, December 18 – $50 Gulf Shores Restaurant & Grill Marcus Wehrenberg Movie Theatres passes
DAY 11: Tuesday, December 19 – El Monstero at The Pageant 12/23
DAY 12: Wednesday, December 20 – STL Motorcycle Show at The Dome 1/13-1/14
FINALE! Thursday, December 21 – THE GRAND PRIZE!

Read full station contest rules here.

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