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2014: The McPike Mansion - Alton, IL

If you've been a fan of the Dave Glover Show for some time now, you know that October means Halloween Show. You've followed along as the show has investigated the Lemp Caverns, the Lemp Mansion, The Pit, haunted homes around the St. Louis area, the Milton Schoolhouse, and even the home where the notorious exorcism featured in The Exorcist took place. Each year, the Dave Glover Show raises the stakes and delivers the bone-chilling story of paranormal activity taking place right here around St. Louis.

If you're new to the Dave Glover Show, you're in luck. If you're familiar with the stories, we know you want to see and hear them again! We've archived and documented each year for you so that you can spend this October catching up or reacquainting yourself with the 14 years of Halloween goodness that the Dave Glover Show has to offer.

Dave Glover Halloween Film Festival

This year, the Dave Glover Show is holding a film festival featuring all things Halloween. Scary, gory, funny, suspenseful, horrifying, you name it. We have 13 films that we will feature for the Dave Glover Show listening audience, and we will need your help in determining who will win the Dave Glover Halloween Film Festival trophy and a $500 cash prize. 

Check out the submissions and see the winner, "The Bag Boy". Watch the videos, click here.



How to Attend the DGS Halloween Film Festival

WHEN: October 27, 2014 at 7:00pm

WHERE: Wehrenberg Theatres
St. Charles Stadium 18 Cine
1830 S. 1st Capitol Dr.
St. Charles, MO 63303



*A very limited number of tickets will be available to the general public and can be reserved starting at 3pm on Tuesday, October 21.

You must reserve your ticket for admittance.  



Win free passes!

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