MITT ROMNEY - National Defense

Romney believes in a strong military to protect the interests of the US. He would seek to increase Navy production of shipbuilding from nine to fifteen per year. He would look to modernize and strengthen the inventory of the Air Force, Army, and Marines, as well as support of a national ballistic-missile defense system to aid in protecting our shores from nuclear attack. In order to fund these measures, Romney would reverse Obama's defense cuts.

Romney would also make efforts to reinvest defense spending into the actual force instead of the bloated bureaucracy that has become of the Department of Defense. Romney believes that, while the burden of spending in support of defense is high, it is matched by the product of its labor which is the prevention of war.

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BARACK OBAMA - National Security

Obama is committed to maintaining a strong military while staying consistent with our ideals and values. He followed through on his commitment to bringing the troops home from Iraq and is working to ensure that those troops have the support necessary to make the transition home a positive one.

Obama has dedicated the focus to defeating Al Qaeda on the Afghanistan and Pakistan fronts while championing the fact that his administration has eliminated more Al Qaeda senior leadership than any time since the attacks of 9/11. The Obama Administration includes at the top of their successes the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden. He has also committed to ending American combat missions in Afghanistan by 2014.

Obama worked with Russia to minimize the amount of nuclear weapons deployed by both the United States and Russia while resuming the ability for US inspections of Russian nuclear sites.

Obama believes that the US and Israel have a unique and special relationship and that has led to unprecedented levels of US security assistance to Israel. He is also clear that he wished to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and has gained support from China, Russia, and others to issues the steepest sanctions Iran has ever faced.

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